18 Note Minuet -S- (Black)

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The small, cute and pretty Minuet music box.
This type of box uses European Beech which is often used in making floors and chairs. It is a reddish white brown wood with a calm, smooth wood grain.
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This music box type is equipped with a high-quality 18Note mechanism. It features a clear and beautiful sound compared to the standard mechanism.
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※Options position:Box’s back lid (the portion seen when the box’s opened)

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18 Note (High Quality Soud)


11 x 9.5 x 6


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European beech, Glass

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5 working days

Product specification

Music starts to play as you open the lid. This music box is a winding type.
When the mainspring is fully wound down, gently wind up the winding key located at the bottom of the box.

Box color: Black
Accessories case size: 1.8 x 6 x 2.9

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18 Note Minuet -S-
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