30Note Concerto

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A wooden box with a simple design yet popular because of its good tone quality.
Dark brown color uses walnut wood material which is characterized by its fine texture and strength.
Whilst, wine red and light brown colors use maple wood material which has a mild and firm wood grain.
These wood materials are commonly used for furniture and crafts which also make music boxes produce a beautiful sound.
Japan is equipped with high-end quality 30Note type music box which is richer in musicality compared to 18Note type.
Click here to learn more about the music box mechanism.
Click on the Tune Program below and choose your favorite song among the 30N type.

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30 Note


13.1 x 10.1 x 6.3


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Tune label with the artist's name is attached on the back side of the lid, seen as you open the box.


Walnut(Dark Brown),Maple(Wine),Maple(Light Brown), Glass

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10 working days

Product specification

To operate the ON and OFF, slide (right/left) the round metal stopper on the front part of the box.
This music box is a winding type. When the mainspring is fully wound down, gently wind-up the winding key located at the bottom of the box
Box color: Light Brown, Dark Brown, Wine Red

※This product is guaranteed a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase against faulty components and workmanship.

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30Note Concerto
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