Mikio Shibagaki

Company President

Thank you very much for patronizing our original handmade music box. We would like to express
our sincere gratitude to everyone’s daily patronage and I would like to extend my greetings to
all the internet users.

Our service motto has been to satisfy our esteemed customers with their favorite music box playing
their own choice of song and to provide a musical gift at a good deal at their designated timeline.

Moreover, the perfection degree of original arrangement technique by our skilled staff who has
the experience and advance knowledge about music box offers you this world’s only original
handcrafted music box that surely everyone will be satisfied.

In addition, on the character of gifts, we give customers the freedom to express their thoughts in the
form of messages, collaborated with preserved flowers, etc. We want to produce a wide variety of
“your own music box”.

We, at the Music Box Company, has somehow contributed to the society every day
“making music for healing”, and looking back, I may think we’ve done a wonderful job.

We will hence continue to help you remember and celebrate treasured moments and events with our musical
gifts and it is our pleasure to make you feel comfortable with the harmony our music box provides.

We hope for your continued patronage and we are happy to serve you.

Name of

Music Box Company Ltd.
 Address 6154-4, Kohama, Shimosuwa-machi, Suwa-gun, Nagano-ken, 393-0044 Japan
 Inquiry TEL: +81-266-27-0656
FAX: +81-266-28-4976

Japanese HP:https://www.musicboxs.jp/
 Establishment  Apr. 15, 1997
 Director  CEO: Mikio Shibagaki
 Working Days

Generally, we are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays including yearend holiday.

 History Became an independent corporation in 1997 from Nidec Sankyo formerly Sankyo Seikiseisakusho Co., Ltd. which succeeded in the industrial commercialization of the music box for the first time in Japan and boasted the world’s largest share.

A music box production company specialized in arranging and producing music boxes, with more than 40 years of experience as a basis of business and holding a special technique called “music arrangement”.

Management Philosophy

“Passing our unique depth of expertise, sustainably realizing unparalleled music boxes down to the next generation.”

Characteristics of
our company

In order to meet customer’s demands, we offer you to customize your own music box with your favorite song, engrave a special message making it more personal and special thus producing a product that both the giver and receiver be pleased.