Warranty Terms/ Returns/ Policy

Product Guarantee/ Warranty

The guarantees described below apply to products 30N, 50N and 72N type music boxes manufactured and sold by the company.

18N type music box is excluded.

The above-mentioned products are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase against faulty components and workmanship.

If a product goes spontaneous failure even under normal usage and maintenance within the aforesaid period, we shall repair or replace,

free of charge; any part proving defective in material or workmanship.

The Warranty does not cover:

  • Damage resulting from improper handling or usage other than those stated in the operation manual
  • Loss or customer’s negligence
  • Failures due to remodeling or repair by other than our company
  • Damages caused by acts of God, floods, fires, natural disasters, unexpected events or other external factors

To comply with our warranty, please contact us through this email.>> mbc@musicboxs.jp


In case of damage and contamination during shipment, product mistake or initial failure, the product can be eligible for return.

Please call or email immediately or inform us within 7 working days – we cannot accept claims for damaged items if we are not informed

within this time upon receipt. Please don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as reasonably possible.


Send the product back to us with its original packaging along with the receipt. Shipping costs for returning the product shall be refunded.

Upon receipt of the returned damaged goods, we shall send a replacement as soon as possible with no extra cost.


MBC has a contract agreement with JASRAC, JRC, E-license for the approval and royalty payment for the copyright of the tune listed.

However, depending on the laws and regulations in each country, royalty payment for the copyright might be necessary.

Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the buyer and/or importer to obtain prior approval from the copyright holder or their agent and subsequently

pay royalty fees whenever royalty tunes are imported and distributed in the countries as required by the local laws and regulations in each country.


Personal information (address, telephone number, mail address, etc.) disclosed by the customer shall not be used for purposes other than billing

and shipping products and will be kept entirely confidential. We guarantee that none of this information will be passed on to third parties.

Sending direct mail and the like is prohibited without permission from the company.