Movement Selection

These are termed as movement or mechanism. The unit “N” attached to the name type of the music box such as 18N, 23N, 30N, etc. corresponds to “Note” and the numerals represent the number of sound teeth present in a certain music box. We do accept orders for mechanism/movements only.


Used in “3rd generation” music box domestically developed.

>>3S-Standard :

Commonly used in jewelry box and products where movement is not visible.

*Delivery Date* 5 working days (Handmade movement)




>>2.5S Gold:

 A gold-plated mechanism expressing luxury.

More often used in products where movement is visible.

*Delivery Date* 5 working days (Handmade movement)




>> High-quality Sound:

A gold plated movement similar to 2.5S, produced with richer sound quality.

*Delivery Date* 5 working days (Handmade movement)






A manually operated type that produces music by turning the crank.

*Delivery Date* 5 working days (Handmade movement)





Consists of 23 teeth with mirror-finished drum and highly accurate pin nailing technique,

giving the handmade type a fascinating appearance and a good sound quality.

*Delivery Date* 10 working days (Handmade movement)






In the mainstream, middle-end product similar to 23N type pursuing perfection in appearance, however, enhanced further with richer musicality.

*Delivery Date* 10 working days






The talk of the town top quality unit, playing about 35-45 sec/revolution and playing melodies to a maximum of 2min. and 15sec. long. A movement type which you can enjoy 2-3 tunes depending on preference.

*Delivery Date* 30~45 working days




Top of the line unit with the longest cylinder in Japan. Has the same basic performance with the 50N type providing a pleasurable harmony to the listener through competence in music arrangement technique.

*Delivery Date* 30~45 working days