White Square Small (18Note)

OR-077F OR-077F OR-077F OR-077F OR-077F OR-077F

A refreshing white small box with nice and functional design. Assembled with storage roll that can store up about 2 rings and has a drawer at the lower column divided into 4 sections making it easy to store your accessories.
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◆Pasting position: Box’s upper surface (inside)
◆No frame type only.

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10.5 x 11.5 x 8.5


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Acrylic, Glass

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5 working days

Product specification

Music movement is not visible. Gently wind the winding key and the music will continuously play as the lid is kept open.

Box color: White

※Fancy plus series (plastic products) at times have some shaping marks (burr, sink marks, etc.) produced during the production process. Please acknowledge as much as possible.

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White Square Small
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