Shipping and Delivery

Products will be delivered via EMS (Express Mail Service). For every shipment outside Japan, shipping cost will be incurred according to the package’s weight and destination.

Respective rates are as follows.



Package’s Weight


First Zone


Second Zone


Second Zone


Third Zone



Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East



South America, Africa

weight A
2,000JPY  2,700JPY 3,000JPY  3,700JPY
weight B
3,000JPY  4,000JPY 4,500JPY 5,700JPY
weight C
4,000JPY  5,900JPY 6,600JPY 9,800JPY
weight D
5,000JPY  6,600JPY 7,400JPY 13,000JPY


・weight A: 1g~500g
・weight B: 501g~1,000g
・weight C: 1,001g~2,000g
・weight D: 2,001g~3,000g



Customs duties will be applied to purchasers for items shipped outside Japan. Tariffs may vary depending on the country of delivery and goods delivered. From the viewpoint of compensation against troubles during delivery, the receipt of the contents and the price reflected on the EMS invoice shall be of the same price. Please note that alterations cannot be accepted.


Shipment within Japan

For orders and deliveries inside Japan, a consumption tax of 8% will be added to the total product price.

You will receive a confirmation email for your total amount payables.