How to Place an Order

Select your desired product

Please select the item that corresponds to the music box type of the desired music.

The product price already includes the price of the song chosen. In addition,

production period and delivery vary depending on the type of music box.


Select your desired song

Music box has different note types; 18N, 23N, 30N, etc. The length and arrangement of

the song vary depending on the said types. The “N” corresponds to “Note” while the

numeral represents the number of sound teeth present in a certain music box.


Click the link below to learn more about the different types of music movement.


The longer the notes, the richer the musicality is. For 18N type, it plays around 15 seconds

while 23N and 30N plays about 28 seconds long and continuously repeats melodies until

the mainspring is fully wound down.


Please select the corresponding movement on your desired product and choose your favorite

song from the Tune Program. Enter the song title or artist’s name on the search box.



 Select for options

You have the option to personalize each product that you desire and make it even more special.

Specify the details of the option chosen. If you desire to put a special message or your name, enter it on

the entry box. If you want to set your product with a preserved flower, please specify the color of

the flower.

※ Some products have default colors of the flower.


Shopping cart ~ Complete Order information

Double check your order details and click on the “Add to Cart” button. You will then be redirected

to the settlement page for payment. Please fill-up the necessary information.